Submitted by Smartech Electrical on Tue, 06/04/2019 - 2:03pm

Have you ever been downtown at night, maybe attending a concert or sporting event and were impressed with the lighting along a park walk or along the dock? Most of us are affected by the sight of well-designed landscape lighting.  Sometimes lights pointing up into a tall tree or low profile lights under plants along a downtown walkway can have a very powerful effect on you. Beautiful lighting can completely change your mood.


As far as our homes are concerned we tend to think about outdoor lighting in just a practical way. We have a light outside at the front and back doors and maybe a motion detector triggered light above the garage door. They are attached to the house or garage and are there just so you can safely see where you are going when outdoors at night.

Your homes outdoor lighting can be so much more than that – more than just for seeing things at night. Properly done outdoor lighting can have a beauty and charm all on its own and at the same time provide nighttime safety for your walkways and garden.

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